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We are all about your sexual happiness, we believe that everyone should have a fun and fulfilled sex life. We are the #1 adult store in the USA, 1 in 3 sex toys sold online in the USA comes from our warehouse. That is a fact we are proud of.

What Our Customers Says ?

I am from the United States. We can be a little shy about sex, especially sex toys. I found this site and decided to purchase a treat for myself and used it for the first time this evening.

It’s really quite beautiful and soft. High quality; very well made. I literally have no words for my first experience with it. On the lowest setting, I had an orgasm within minutes and am still feeling the afterglow. I can’t wait to explore the other settings.

I highly recommend this vibrator. I now have a wish list and cannot wait for my next purchase/delivery! The reviews about this product are true. It’s amazing.

Just buy it. You will not regret it. Honestly. Just buy it. Now.

If the world leaders were all female, we could settle wars with this thing AND probably find a way to get man on Mars.

Setting 3 blows my brains out and the pulsating ones are just incredible.

10/10, definitely deserves a Nobel Prize

Bought for my partner as we don’t yet live together.

He said it’s realistic but not exactly like the real thing but that this is a good thing, as it makes him miss me and makes it better when he gets the real thing lol. He would be interested in trying other Fleshlights to feel the difference.